Musings by Joshua Kuebler

Liberty IS Free!

Our world faces a weeds problem.  Nature's insurance against the Void.  We have allowed our societies to be overcome by Fear & Strife, all because we are afraid to BE our True Selves. 'Freedom isn't Free', remember that post 9-11 slogan?  'Freedom from' is the grammatical phrase, juxtaposed with 'at

On Race (?)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Simultaneously one of America's most famous and infamous locations.  Indeed, it was the nexus of an earth-shaking series of historic events.  We remember with sorrow the largest single loss of dedicated souls ever to occur on our soil.  We take a small measure of comfort in President Lincoln's


If it is not truly your joy to perform an action, search for the person who finds it their passion. Both parties will share abundance through this collaboration.


Alchemy is merely an acceleration of the process of becoming one's Self. Personal optimization & integration, beyond the confines of the persona/egoic-based lifestyle. This Acceleration often seems like Magic to the uninitiated...