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Sustainability is all the buzz.  We concern ourselves with our impact on the environment, yet rarely notice that environment's impact upon us.  We do not ordinarily strive to last very long ourselves, and by this I refer to our physical bodies.  We can find a way to recycle anything, yet

Principles of Esoteric Investing: Asset Valuation Beyond Economics

The more 'solid' one's financial position becomes, the more one realizes the fundamental fallacy of its stability. Many financial investment principles, especially of the Value variety, hold great Wisdom behind them. A singular focus on purely economic aspects limits one's understanding and therefore one's ultimate success. Succinctly, money is not

Joy, Energy, Mysticism & More!

Joy is elusive at times. What appears (on the surface) to be Joy is often a mask to cover Fear. Chasing Joy can be exhilarating, 'reckless', 'irresponsible', downright dangerous. "Doing one's duty" is a Soulless task, not worth the effort. She (Joy/the Divine) does not wish for

Intuition for Linear Thinkers

We live surrounded by a linear, goal-oriented, point-A-to-point-B way of life.  This often presents a challenge to one following Inner intuitive guidance, in just how to explain one's self.  We tend to make mental judgements before results are in.  It is an unfortunate observation that a statement along the line