I met a man in Leadville (Colorado).  Two men, actually.  I met a self-described spiritual teacher, who failed to recognize my spiritual path, and I met a shining Being, living as a direct conduit for his Higher Self.  One informed me that he could teach me the meaning of my life (quite unsolicited), the other man told me the meaning he had found of his own life.  One carried himself with all the stereotypical trappings of a spiritual master, the other carried nothing but himself, quite literally, for he was homeless.

I have traveled a fair amount, speaking with many homeless, destitute & 'underprivileged' along the way.  These conversations have always been 'on the level', as the mystic is a bit 'homeless' in this world, in other ways, making it easier to connect & identify with one living in dire physical straits.  The individuals I conversed with generally were able to drop their usual defenses, at least for a moment, sharing themselves as best they may.  I learned much that would go unacknowledged in an interview format.  What I know from this experience is that (surprise, surprise) the homeless, battered & mentally ill among us are just like the 'rest of us'.  It is perhaps a common thing to think, 'believe' or 'know' this fact, yet I see many ordinary folk shying away in Fear.  To be sure, rough, even violent exteriors abound in vogue.  There is a cookie-cutter selection of 'homeless' personas to choose from, just as there exist near-carbon copy soccer moms, sports dudes, punk rockers, etc. The more one chooses to conform to a particular stereotype, the less human we become.

Sadly, it is rare to meet someone in severe life difficulties who has discovered any measure of clarity or recognition of their esoteric (if not physical) role in shaping their present predicament.  I say this not to assign blame, just to Lovingly point out that one chooses one's own path, and it is rather uncommon to encounter a truly kind person ending up in dreadful life conditions.  That stated, there are exceptions.  She choose prior to birth to come into traumatic families & situations, for the purposes of demonstrating Divine Grace.  How far one gets towards this early aim depends upon how connected an individual remains in the face of this trauma, or how long it takes them to recover a solid connection to their Inner Spark.  This entire process is one of growth, more noticeable in the non-physical fields of an individual.  I believe it is safe to declare, as a maxim, that when it seems like no growth is proceeding, the growth is occurring in higher realms, with a greater impact, and often, intensity.

Returning to our man in Leadville, the lucidity I found in him (between unavoidable, yet ignorable, bouts of schizophrenic outburst) was incredible and highly unusual.   We often meet persons who are practically 100% run by their lower nature ('man of corruption', outer man, appetites, etc.).  This is basically the common human condition currently.  Equally frequently, we run into individuals who (even if merely for a moment's time) shine their Light, allowing their Inner Spark to take control of their interactions & life.  This can be described as 'saintly', a permanently changed individual being a buddha, immortal, Christ consciousness, etc.  Just emanating the Love that is Truthfully at the core of us all.

Our fellow in Leadville was unique in the fact that he shone his Light, told me precisely the 'Why' of his entire life to that point, indicating that he was here on Earth to "Be Love".  He informed me that he is grateful to have ended up in his current plight, for several reasons.  He said that he would not (stubbornly so) decide to Be Love until his life collapsed.  He told me his gratitude went from a complete lack to such a power of thankful energy that he can now never escape, avoid or forget it.  He did not apologize for his outbursts, for he stated that he immediately knew that I understood his situation, that of a body radically mismatched / at odds with his True Self.  Previously, yet still while homeless, this gentleman had experienced a dream in which Christ came to him, telling him to Be Love, and that nothing else mattered in his life.  He decided that perhaps his body required the pressures of homelessness to improve, or perhaps not, but that in any case, he should concentrate on Being Love either way, leaving the worrying up to Christ.

To be able to actually pull this feat off (truly abandoning worry) while homeless in winter above ten thousand feet is in itself miraculous.  He assented to this fact, saying that he is grateful for the Strength & Courage to let go of his Fear, to be allowed to let others Be Love through assisting him, and to live hand-to-mouth by (his words) the Grace of God.  He does not despise, hate nor dislike himself.  He said, of his mental illness, that it could be employed as a tool to Be Love, to allow others to Be Love by granting him Mercy & Grace, and he has accepted that challenge.  Those people who can break past their Fear of speaking to 'such a man as he' will be rewarded by such an energy of healing & compassion I have rarely felt amongst those 'more fortunate'.  In him I witnessed the 'inner man' conquering the 'outer man' in real-time, and indeed, what an outer man he has to work with!  I am ever grateful to have met him, and to have been able to touch and be touched by such a fellow Soul!