• A non-hierarchically structured group, facilitated by those who are mere firsts-among-equals.


  • In our terms, a way of life focused on developing a personal Unity with Divinity, characterized by a complete surrender to the Divine Will in one's life.

Creative Mysticism:

  • Our acknowledgement & embrace of the Divine's prerogative of creativity in fashioning the means of one's personal revelations.

Throughout recorded history (and surely outside this context as well), groups of internally motivated & Divinely illumined individuals have come together to share & build upon their gifted Wisdom. The influence & legacy of these collaborations can be felt to this day, however many of these efforts were corrupted over time, as with so many other human institutions. In those organizations that have remained untainted (or at least minimally effected) by corruption, Fear has led to secrecy. What can be released publicly by a member of such a lineage is quite often strictly regulated. The Divine has provided Her own creative solution to this situation, by directly revealing Her treasured Mysteries to select (in fact, a great many) individuals, along with the strong motivations & impulses to divulge said Mysteries via safe, yet impactful means.

In birthing a Society for Creative Mysticism, we intend to provide a foundation of supporting Wisdom & encouragement for the aforementioned efforts. We see a need for unity & clarity, and seek to meet this need in the manner we are Divinely-inspired to. All who feel called to join us are invited to find their own creative path and share in our mission. Creative culture building is our currency, we ask for no financial support. Our world has plenty of (mismanaged) resources... find your own niche, make your own difference.