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Peace: Perceptions vs. Reality

While having no professional qualifications in the field of Peace or Conflict Resolution, I can testify as one who has experienced a life (rather unfortuitously) saturated by a mixture of force and/or violence. While there are many things to be said against such an approach to life in general,

Mining Our Personal Bias for Solid Facts

In the process of Intuitive decision-making, it becomes vital to identify all available 'data', both internal & external, and further, to understand where each inclination, opinion or 'fact' originates from. This is a step that can actually become harder the more it is practiced.   An average individual in modern society,

On Slaying Dragons

Humanity, at a collective level, reflected in each of our individual lives, faces a choice. Do we continue the cycle of white knights slaying dragons ('Good' vs. 'Evil), or will we find another purpose (& path) for existence? We must come first to realize that our collective oppressors, while not